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Living in Lenawee

Health Care and Medical Resources in Lenawee County

Healthcare resources in Lenawee County, Michigan

The health of our community is not to be taken for granted. Lenawee County, Michigan, is proud to have two outstanding hospitals, Bixby and Herrick, and a plethora of healthcare providers that are in the ProMedica network. We are also in close proximity to extended and specialized services in Ann Arbor, Jackson, and Toledo.

Lenawee Health Network

The Lenawee Health Network is a group of community organizations working collaboratively to improve the quality of health in our community.


To improve the well-being of the community by making healthy living a way of life


Increase by one-third the number of youth and adults who are healthy and avoiding risky behaviors


Our plan addresses three focus areas:

  1. Healthy eating and physical activity
  2. Supporting healthy choices (prevention)
  3. Access to healthcare (treatment)

Supporting goals:

  • Reduce the obesity rate of the residents of Lenawee County to be at or below the state average
  • Decrease by 2% the number of Lenawee residents engaging in risky behaviors (including tobacco, marijuana, alcohol & other drug use/abuse, binge drinking, teen sexual behavior, and bullying)
  • Increase the number of Lenawee residents reporting access to healthcare to be at or above the state average

Available Lenawee Health Network Resources:

2011 Lenawee County Community Health Needs Assessment (.pdf)

2013 Promedica Bixby Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (.pdf)

Please visit ProMedica's website for further information.